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How to get into Harvard, MIT or X*?

*insert the name of a prestigious US university Short answer For US admissions you need—1) Academics (SSC/HSC/A/O level) 2) Tests (SAT, SAT II, TOEFL) 3) Extracurricular Activities (ECA) 4) A Story But if you stop there, you’ll never get into Harvard/MIT! As we get this question on our facebook group ALL THE TIME, I just [...]

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Project Bangla Pi: Why I Care about Affordable Computing

It is ironic that similar to the way computers understand the world with compiled instructions in binaries (0s and 1s), they have divided the world into a binary group system– the group that knows how to use computers and the one that does not. Most of the supporters of computer education these days start their [...]

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CS 165 or: How I learned to stop worrying about speed and Love the column stores

This Spring 2014 semester, I took CS 165, a course on big data database systems by Professor Stratos Idreos. This course was offered after quite a few years; so there were quite a few of us interested. However, for myself it was a course that I have been waiting for a few years to take. [...]

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Turkish Diary: Part 1

I decided to visit Turkey almost on a whim. I was supposed to return at eBay during the winter, but the US authority did not process the work authorization in time—the bliss of being an international! So at the New Year eve, I decided that I should make the best use of the free time [...]

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Play with Python (Part 3): Magic Starts with Variables

(After the previous part: Part 2: Preparing for the Magic) Summary: Learn about variables, types in python, type changing, input methods, and how to impress friends! Variables: Now you can open code in a fancy text editor like a real programmer and show your friends the nicely color coded texts. But how do we to [...]

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Play with Python (Part 2): Preparing for the Magic

(After the previous part: Part 1: The Magic Behind Computers) Summary: Install python, learn how to start coding, and plan to successfully finish the tutorial! How to install Python: I have lectured enough about the reasons for learning programming and the theories behind computers, but I know that you are not here for those! You [...]

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Play with Python (Part 1): The Magic Behind Computers

(After the previous part: Part 0: Introduction) Summary: Introduction to programming and algorithms, reasons for choosing python. What is programming? In simple words, programming is just talking to computers. It is similar to learning a new language in the sense that you learn how to order a computer to do something for you. However, the problem [...]

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Play with Python: A Beginner’s Guide to Programming- Part 0

Why Programming? Why learn coding when you can learn so many other things like playing a guitar, watching a movie, or just chatting with your friends on Facebook? I am not asking you to stop doing any of those, but just think for a second how cool it would be if you learned a bit [...]

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Year in Review and What to Achieve Next Year

“Investing in knowledge, growth and personal development is the best investment you can make.”   Looking back, I feel that in 2013 I tried hard to start following this statement very closely. I had pretty good success in some of those and failed terribly in some. So before I start a new year I thought [...]

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Fundraiser for Savar

We have started a fundraiser for savar. Please follow the link to donate:

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