My Courses

Coursework at Harvard:


Fall 2011 (Freshman Fall):

  1. Math 55a: Honors Abstract Algebra (Advanced linear and multi-linear algebra, group theory, fields, rings, Galois theory)
  2. Physics 15a: Introduction to Mechanics and Relativity
  3. Expository Writing 20: Contemporary Immigrant Fictions
  4. Freshman Seminar: Calculating Pi (Different methods, algorithms, and theorems for computing Pi.)


Spring 2012 (Freshman Spring):

  1. Math 123: Algebra II: Theory of Rings and Fields (Theory of rings and fields, Galois Theory, representation theory, modules)
  2. Math 25b: Honors Linear Algebra and Real Analysis II (Real analysis: completed whole text of Walter Rudin)
  3. Physics 15b: Introduction to Electromagnetism
  4. Societies of the world 14: The British Empire (History of the British Empire and its colonies around the world)
  5. Freshman Seminar: All Physics in 13 days (A seminar on random topics in physics)


Fall 2012 (Sophomore Fall):

  1. CS 121: Introduction to the Theory of Computation
    by Professor Salil Vadhan
  2. Econ 1011: Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
    by Professor Edward L. Glaeser
  3. Stat 110: Introduction to Probability
    by Joseph K. Blitzstein
  4. CS 50: Introduction to Computer Science I
    by David Malan
  5. MIT 18.S097: Application of Mathematics in Financial Industry
    by Vasily Strela, Jake Xia

Spring 2013 (Sophomore Spring):

  1. CS181 : Intelligent Machines: Perception, Learning, and Uncertainty (Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence)
  2. CS 124: Data Structures and Algorithms
  3. Statistics 171: Introduction to Stochastic Processes
  4. SPU 22: Unity of the Universe

Fall 2013 (Junior Fall):

  1. CS 283: Computer Vision
  2. CS 205: Parallel Computing
  3. CS 189r: Robotics
  4. Stat 121: Data Science
  5. ER 18: Classical Chinese Philosophy

Spring 2014 (Junior Spring):

  1. CS 165: Data Systems
  2. CS 171: Visualization
  3. Stat 111: Intro to Theoretical Statistics
  4. Applied Computation 298r: Seminar in Computational Science & Engineering
  5. Aesthetic Interpretation 36: Buddhism and Japanese Culture

Fall 2014 (Senior Fall):

  1. CS 265: Big Data Systems
  2. CS 207: Systems Development for Computational Science
  3. Applied Math 205: Advanced Scientific Computing: Numerical Methods
  4. Applied Math 99r: Thesis Research

Spring 2015 (Senior Spring):

  1. Math 155r: Combinatorics
  2. Applied Math 91r: Supervised Reading and Research
  3. Sociology 161: Big Data: What is it?
  4. Sociology 27: Introduction to Social Movement
  5. Culture & Belief 33: Intro to Study of East Asian Regions