Fundraiser for the Victims at Savar



Bangladeshi and non-Bangladeshi community abroad:


We hope the tragic event at Savar has come to your attention (link for BBC news report: For medical treatment, medicine and blood supply, compensation to victims’ families and several other purposes a big financial support is required. As a part of the Bangladeshi community at MIT and Harvard, we are running a fundraiser to collect money for the victims of the building collapsing incident that killed 289 (dead-bodies found so far) and injured more that 600.

All the money collected will be sent to a team of university students in Bangladesh (led by Avik Roy (lecturer at BUET) and a few other university students) that we have contacted already. We are always in touch with the group to make sure the money is being used properly.

Please share the link on facebook even if you can’t donate.


Instructions for sending money (if you know a better method, follow that. Just make sure it’s sent to same location as mentioned in #2):

1. Go to this link:

2. Enter the email id “ ” as the recipient email id.

3. Enter your email id that is associated with PayPal as the sender email id. If you don’t have an account, it will take you less than a minute to open one.

4. Enter the amount of money you want to donate.

5. Click continue and follow further instructions.”

 Please indicate in your message in PayPal if you don’t want us to publish your name.


Total money raised so far: $ 4797

Money already sent/used: $ 1280 (1 lakh tk)

Use of the Money Sent Already :

1. Buying medicine for the victims

2. Buying food, oxygen, and other supplies

Plan for using rest of the fund:

1. For buying wheel chairs and crutches for the victims

2. Rehabilitation of the victims


We can’t thank enough the donors. Thanks for saving lives. (The list will be updated regularly):

1    Rezwanul Wahid
2    Sumaiya Nazeen
3    Fatima Uddin

5    Tamanna Islam Urmi
6    Lisa Pawlowicz
7    Salman Hosain
8    Ahmad Zubair
9    Nabila Ahsan
11    Naushad UzZaman
12    Rashed Mamun
13    Pratiti Khan
14    Sudip Saha
15    Nazia Chowdhury
16    Tanvir Khan
17    Mohammad Khan

19    Tazin Khan

21    Md. Shamsuzzoha Bayzid
22    Sheikh Hasib Bin Zaman
23    Jadid Samad
24    Ruhnaz Kashfi
25    Sadruddin Salman
27    Najmus Saqib
28    Mahbubur Rahman
29    Ishtiake Chowdhury
30    Haque Ishfaq
32    Syed Rahman
33    Naushad UzZaman
34    Md Siddique
36    Itrat Akhter
37    Mahfuj Uddin
38    Sayla Siddiqui

40    Maisha Islam
41    Cynthia Zhang
42    Tonima Tasnim Ananna
43    Justin Stern
44    Shaibal Saha
45    MD Rahman
46    Tahira Yeasmeen
47    Bruce Call
49    Sonia Akter
50    Ayesha Sania
51    Reaj Ahmed
52    Radhika Malik
53    Md.Saifur Rahman
54    Subarno Saha
55    Rebecca Taft
56    Moondil Jahan
57    Suddha Sourav
58    Tanim Taher
59    Kazi Hasan
60    Md Akram Hossain
61    Hasnain Hafiz
62    shihab ahmed
63    Vivek Krishnan
65    Md Hassan
66    Suchandrima Choudhury
67    Chowdhury Abdul Wahab
68    Budhaditya Choudhury
69    A R M Nabiul Afrooz
70    Tasnim Rahman
71    Md Mamun Miah
73    A S M Iftekhar Anam
74    Rahnuma Choudhury
75    Fahmida Rahman
76    Andrea Cheng
77    Inara Tareque
78    Muhammad Rahman
79    Zobayer Zahid
80    Gill Kir
81    mohammad biswas
82    Agnes Davis
83    Samwan Rob
85    Ratan Dey
86    Tami Zakaria
87    Riasat Amir
88    Ashirul Amin sent
89    Atik Khan